Bubblegum OHV

Bubblegum OHV

Bubbler straws from Sneaky Pete are on back order. If you choose to order this vaporizer at this time, you are accepting that it may take up to 8 weeks to recieve your vaporzer. Please take into consideration before placing your order, thank you!


this is my personal in the picture above, unless if you want my logo plastered on the side like mine, it will only come with a small logo and OHV engraved on side with magnets. Vaporizer will sport the logo as pictured, Saying yes to laser engraving would be in addition to the logo and will be on the opposite side.


The Bubblegum OHV, a butane powered dry herb Vaporizer outfitted with a built in bubbler straw for rapid and easy cool vapor. Vaporization is activated when a small butane torch is aimed down into the intake tube while drawing air through the mouthpiece, and with the correct combination of heat and air movement, you can easily achieve massive clouds of vapor!


Wood Dimensions: 4" x 2 3/4" x 1 3/4"

Bowl Size: 3/4" (1/8 gram is my recommended amount to fill at one time, but you can add as much as 1/4 gram) 1" Taper around the bowl makes for easy loading and extra large hits.


Comes with:

- Mighty Bubbler Straw (can be used with the Mighty too)

- OHV with Bubbler Stem Mod

- Stir stick/tamp tool in matching wood

- Flared intake

- 1 heat diffuser

- 2 spare screens, 1 installed


This Vaporizer is built Mainly for the Bubbler stem that it comes with, If you are interested I do have O-Rings to allow to use the 14mm Glass stems. (messege me if you are interested)

    Laser engraving? (Image, logo, or name)

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